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The Blood Prophecy has come to pass and the red moon has appeared, now the hordes of defiled march against all of mankind. 
You are Mors, the last standing member of the order that watches over this prophecy. Alone, you have to face the defiled and make time for our only hope ...

(This demo consists of the first set of levels all the way to the first boss. The full game is already on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/806480/Blood_Moon_The_Last_Stand/)


*Challenging "Action-clicker" game where you have to actively move and defend your character to survive.

*Gritty pre-rendered graphics inspired by early 90s hits such as Diablo 1 and Mortal Kombat.

*Use your abilities in the right moment! Managing your special resource to either use your special attack or heal yourself is key!

*30 levels that will test your skill!

*Fight over 20 different type of abominations including huge bosses.

*Detailed Codex featuring information and art of all the enemies you encounter.


Blood Moon Demo.rar 796 MB


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GREAT game, really enjoyed it, i'm hoping eventually to get to the boss. I review indie games for sh*ts and giggles, i have made a video for your game, i hope you don't mind! Thanks again!! 

Thanks to you! It was very fun to watch! Glad you liked it! (Now we cant unsee the uterus thing! lol)

The game gets a bit easier if you constantly use the big shot, specially on tougher enemies, since it fills up quite fast! Show that boss who is boss!