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Super Captain 3D is a shoot-em-up game with light rpg elements, where you become a Super Hero ready to fight the Pixel Invaders. It features an art style that combines 3D pre-renders with 2D pixel art. Use your Superpowers to protect the Universe!

Game Features:

  • A shoot-em-up where you are a Super Hero. Use your Metal Form, Laser Beam and Light Speed to defeat the Invaders.
  • Gain Experience fighting enemies to level up your Super Powers however you see fit.
  • SUPER Power-ups! Spread shot, Pierce shot, Explosive shot and Orb Shield!
  • No lives! As an invisible Super Hero your job is to protect your City, Earth and even the Galaxy or else it's Gameover!
  • Traverse 8 different stages in the Story Mode, including the skies of a city or the vast space.
  • Fight over 20 kind of aliens, including 4 evil bosses.
  • Secret unlockables that further develop the story and add more gameplay!
  • A Super Heroic original soundtrack full of electronic beats!


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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